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CAN: Supported Living Services

The agency provides supported living services to individuals with disabilities.  Individuals receiving services live on their own, in their own home or apartment and have expressed the desire for some level of support in order to live independently.

For some individuals, services may be minimal, while others need extensive ongoing support for the entire day.  Either way, services delivered will lead to each individual’s ability to maintain or increase her or his independence in their own personal life and in the community where they live.

SLS provides CAN with the opportunity to develop close, positive relationships and an increased understanding of each individual served, allowing assessment and implementation of strategies or tools that will maximize each person’s ability to work toward their own personal goals.

Key aspects of service are the focus on individuals who experience ongoing conflict or crisis and employment of people who have the education and training to support, teach and guide each individual during these situations.  Services are person centered, individualized to the person’s ability and needs;  choices are honored in selecting a place to live, lifestyle, and the amount of support she or he wants from the agency.  Action, commitment and perseverance are strong beliefs and CAN will stand by the people served and share responsibility for working through challenging situations.